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  1. multicam

    MPG for Hybrid Land Cruiser 2.4L iForce Max Fuel Economy = 27 MPG (Toyota estimate)

    Great! I’ll take one, please. It needs to have a tow package and the square headlights. Ask my wife what exterior color she wants.
  2. multicam

    Any east coast dealers taking 2024 Land Cruiser deposits at MSRP price?

    I’m very curious about how the Toyota dealers handle custom orders (if at all). I come from the Jeep world where you can order a Wrangler exactly how you want it, get a POC right away, agree on a price in writing, submit a down payment, get a VON and shortly thereafter a VIN, and wait for your...
  3. multicam

    2024 Toyota Land Cruiser World Premiere! 🤩 Specs, Wallpapers, Videos, Pricing Starts Mid-$50k

    I’m super excited about this. It’ll be a perfect step up from my wife’s current 4Runner.
  4. multicam

    (Poll Time!) Jeep, Bronco, Land Cruiser?

    Why not both?! (Wrangler and Land Cruiser, naturally. The Bronco barely registers on my radar :ROFLMAO:)