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  1. mkennedy009

    Has the Toyota infected this forum

    Toyota is known for boring reliable cars and trucks. The kind where you turn the key and they work as long as you keep up on the recommend maintenance. Even if you are lazy they still seem to keep running. This LC forum seems to be the same way. No complaining about lack of information...
  2. mkennedy009

    10 Reasons To Wait For The 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Before Buying A New Bronco Some interesting stats.
  3. mkennedy009

    Mini Land Cruiser?

    I agree @MJE He does not go too overboard. Although he is a massive GX fan boy. It will be interesting if it goes all electric at some point in the future. I wish Toyota would do a two door. At this point, the mini LC is not interesting to me.
  4. mkennedy009

    Mini Land Cruiser?

    What the hell, looks like a jeep liberty.
  5. mkennedy009

    2024 Land Cruiser First Edition Makes Public Debut @ Overland Expo Mountain West

    @JIMIPRO Thanks for the video. I wish she had used landscape. The first edition was not on my radar, now maybe.
  6. mkennedy009

    Three Door Land Cruiser

    That is a good looking truck. I hope it went to a good home.
  7. mkennedy009

    Three Door Land Cruiser

    Now this looks pretty awesome 3 Door Option This photo is from the article. I know that Jeep and Ford are not producing the 2 door in any quantity.
  8. mkennedy009

    Toyota considering PHEV, fuel cell, electric Land Cruiser

    I want the Plug-in, my wife's XC90 is a plug-in with 30 mile range. If we stay close then we fill up once a month. What is really nice, all electric to get out of town, ICE on the freeway, then all electric when we get to our destination. The power and quietness of the all electric is my...
  9. mkennedy009

    Land Cruiser and 4Runner both have a place in lineup says Toyota executives

    I wonder if the 4Runner will get engine options and the LC will only have the one? Here in the NA.
  10. mkennedy009

    Toyota Teases New SUVs During 2024 Land Cruiser Reveal, Including Compact Cruiser? At the reveal event for the new Cruiser, Toyota finished by teasing new SUVs that might be part of a broader Land Cruiser family of SUVs, including what appears to be the Compact Cruiser EV concept...
  11. mkennedy009

    VS Ford Bronco

    I hope Toyota does not allow the dealers to rape its customers as Ford dealers did. Ford is paying a high price for not enforcing good business practices.
  12. mkennedy009

    MPG for Hybrid Land Cruiser 2.4L iForce Max Fuel Economy = 27 MPG (Toyota estimate)

    That is better than the 23mpg for the F-150 hybrid. This is great news. I wonder if they will have a plug-in option. I love my wife's plug-in XC-90, if we stay local then we only fill up every other month. It is also awesome to be in all electric, power and quiet.
  13. mkennedy009

    2024 Toyota Land Cruiser World Premiere! 🤩 Specs, Wallpapers, Videos, Pricing Starts Mid-$50k

    The yellow is nice. I hope they have some white bread colors for us normies.