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  1. cracKen

    (Poll Time!) Jeep, Bronco, Land Cruiser?

    I definitely took advantage of taking the roof off at Yellowstone NP. Just great weather, and <50mph cruising in the Bronco was awesome.
  2. cracKen

    (Poll Time!) Jeep, Bronco, Land Cruiser?

    Just got back from a 2500 mi trip. Boy the car is so loud on most interstate highways bc of the wind. Especially at elevation. I couldn’t even listen to my ebooks it was so loud, and trust me I tried multiple times. Still love driving the Bronco. Hard to have a poll like this unless someone owns...
  3. cracKen

    MPG for Hybrid Land Cruiser 2.4L iForce Max Fuel Economy = 27 MPG (Toyota estimate)

    Mpg is probably for base trim without larger tires. Hell if it even gets 25 mpg for 33s I’ll be happy bc that’s a huge improvement over the Ford Bronco Badlands on 33s. I get only 18.5 to 20.5 real world hand calculated mpg. Computer on my badlands always add 1 mpg. Having a free 5 mpg gain...
  4. cracKen

    2024 Land Cruiser First Edition Makes Public Debut @ Overland Expo Mountain West

    Like the looks and the fact that it’s a hybrid is a huge plus for me. Looks like there’s room for an aftermarket winch and bumper. Even stock it seems like a super fun vehicle.
  5. cracKen

    VS Ford Bronco

    I own a Ford Bronco Badlands FYI. Will update as time goes on and new info comes out. Ford Bronco Toyota Land Cruiser Ground Clearance 7.8 - 11.6'' (Sasquatch), 8.7'' (base) - Doors 2/4 4 Price 35k (2d), 38k (4d), 49.5k (4d Badlands) 52K+ Size Roomier than a 4runner about...