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  1. Corbet

    Colors for the 1958

    Potential new color that does not seem to have any info yet in the USA. Potentially just a Canadian color? Brown Sugar Metallic
  2. Corbet

    Best One Yet??? 2024 Land Cruiser Underground Color

    Underground is growing on me. Would love to see it with the white roof.
  3. Corbet

    Can 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser have a cold air intake system installed?

    @atoria the info you seek is here. This forum is dedicated to the upcoming 250 series platform.
  4. Corbet

    When will we see actual test drive reviews?

    With the drivetrains the same there is not much left to differentiate the LC from the Tacoma and assumed upcoming 4R. Hopefully reduced cabin noise is part of the package.
  5. Corbet

    1958 Wheels

    It’s just a different wheel/tire combo on 1958 trim. I asked the Toyota rep that question specifically during the 1st Edition roll out. What fits one trim level will fit all.
  6. Corbet

    2024 Land Cruiser First Edition review, inside out.

    Good video but should be noted it’s featuring a European market truck I believe. Definitely not for NA.
  7. Corbet

    Is the 2024 Land Cruiser a "True" Land Cruiser

    Toyota placed a LandCruiser badge on it. So regardless of anyone’s opinion as far as I’m concerned they have the final call. It’s a LandCruiser Whether we like it or not. And I love it. Just be happy we are not Chevy Blazer people, vehicles “evolve”.
  8. Corbet

    LandCruiser or 4Runner

    No one has driven the new platforms yet so all anyone can do now is speculate. The LC will be bigger and thus more likely more comfortable for passengers than the 4R. If trends remain the same one could argue the 4R will be more offroad capable off the dealer lot. The Tacoma is a truck so it...
  9. Corbet

    Colors for the 1958

    I would not be surprised if Toyota announces some last minute color addition. I’d love a green option. Even for Toyota the current list is pretty lame. Although I love Trail Dust and I hope it’s available in the mid grade “LandCruiser” trim. But suspect you may have to get the first edition if...
  10. Corbet

    TFL Hands-On with 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser AND Lexus GX: Which Should You ACTUALLY Buy!?

    This move is long overdue. I’ve said it for years. Once Toyota put a Lexus badge on the LandCruiser platform they should have made the LC a more utilitarian build and left the luxury to Lexus. The 2024 lineup finally does this. (Should have started in 1998 IMHO) I’m not surprised the LC at this...
  11. Corbet

    Has the Toyota infected this forum

    OK, I’ll bite. The trailer harness connector is in an absolute stupid location for an off-road rig. It should be located behind the receiver cover mounted into the bumper out of harms way. I’ll be trying to relocate that to prevent damage.
  12. Corbet

    (Poll Time!) Jeep, Bronco, Land Cruiser?

    agreed. It’s simply shocking the LandCruiser is leading the poll on a LandCruiser forum.